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28                                   LIFE  OF
was, at tlie same time., in jjossoftsion ot tlxo j>eeumary
means requisite for such gigantic plauw ; his striving*
soxil., placed by a favouring fate in tun happiest circum-
stances of life, know not the wants and prlvatiouK
which often retard'tho most distinguished num. in tho
execution of their plans, and dolay them: dovolopnxont
and usefulness. Ho experienced Homo disappoint-
ments which could not destroy his hopes, but only
delayed their fulfilment for a nhort timo.
When the Egyptian journey wan given up, Alex-
ander von Humboldt hoard that the national muHonni
in 'Franco was preparing an expedition which, xnider
command of Captain iBuudin, waa to make a voyage
of discovery to the southern hemisphere. 11 IH anxioty
to examine unknown countruw drove him quickly to
Parifc* to join the expedition,, if nocoasary, at bin own
expense. "With this intention, he came to bin old or
brother in Paris. Two nat.uraUntH, MOBBIU Miehaux
and !Bonplaiul5 w<uxt appointed for thin expedition,, to
direct the Belentiiie ronearoheH ; and Mxnuholdt/s ilrst
care °was to make their a<H]uaintanco. ILo Ixnianio
more (^pecjia.lly intimates witlx Aimo lionpland. Thin
yoimg1 intux wan ouo of tlieinoHt <I,iKtirig!uiHbe<l Htiulents
of the military eollo^o, and of tho botimteal ganlc^tm
of Par IB, and found a continual intsucl in Utnnboldt*
Humboldt^H participation in the expedition, wan wol~
comOy and tho acitu'ititto pr<4>araUojcm for thc» gn^at
undertaking were xoakw»ly ntadt,^ by hlnu lie Ictanuul
Arabic^ which called ban brotlier'H attention, to (ihc*
study of American langiuijjfon ; he, became aeqitainted
with the most eminent im^uralistB and tuathmnatii-
cians of Paria B'is ^ItKHKAiU'ifKB ON THK (JoM-
I*OHITI()K  OF  THJW ATMOHIM1KHK," wliitsh h<»   had
nienccjd alone, ht> continuotl partly with the
of tho celebrated  natural phihmophe^r ClA
with whom lie undertook oudumustrio  ittvt
of the* chemical analysis of the atwoHphoro,
thorn at all BOOHOUH, and in all ttmipctraturcw, imd by
which ho  reudorod  important  Borvimm  k>  a junior
knowluclgo  of this  subject,   "TPhoBt*  Icamod